How to understand Canadian working culture for new immigrants?

How to understand Canadian working culture for new immigrants?
Published in : 02 Sep 2022

How to understand Canadian working culture for new immigrants?

Did you know what are the top 5 nationalities of new immigrants coming to Canada each year?

The top 5 countries are:

1. Indian

2. Chinese

3. Philippines

4. Pakistanis

5. Nigerians

Do you know one of the biggest mistakes new immigrants or foreigners make when they arrive in Canada? They don't take the time to understand Canadian work ethic culture.

In India, for example, there is a lot of emphasis on technical skills. Therefore, people with bachelor's and master's degrees are fully qualified to come to Canada and expect their degrees to get them jobs, only to be disappointed. I see it even on the internet on forums or question and answer platforms that people ask questions about how to find work in Canada while talking about their education in the question:

“How do I find work in Canada if I am an Indian or Nigerian, with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering." This is the best opportunity to study Canadian work ethic or culture to land your dream job as a new immigrant or foreigner. THE ENTIRE STRATEGY FOR $10.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME.

 Now let's take note of these TOP 3 Cultural Differences Between Canada and These 4 Job Search Countries that are featured in the Game Changer Package E-Book available here on this website  Buy e-Book Here(Click Me)

Let us look at this cultural difference between the four main countries below:

Soft skills are very vital as technical skills. The higher the position, the more soft skills you need (English/French communication, teamwork, presentation skills, leadership, conflict management, time management). Etc.

These skills are practiced differently in Canada than in the 4 developing countries). Prepare to answer behavioral interview questions that will test you on these soft skills. The Game Changer Package e-book is ready to accompany you on your trip to or in Canada.

We hope by now you've realized the importance of purchasing our game Changer e-book package @$10.99.

That means you won't get very far if your resume paints you as a jack of all trades. For example, if you are a civil engineer, you must specify what type of civil engineer you are. Research what type of engineer you are, then target the companies (and cities) that need that skill.

Did you know that the Game Changer Package e-books contain five secret job portals and a magic cover/resume? Letter template to guide you through your entire process, this is again the best time to take action and grab this amazing e-book for yourself now.

There is no time to delay your dream and your success. Again, the Game Changer Package e-book walks you through and provides you with this truth that more education when looking for a job doesn't mean you're better for the job.(Of course, there are exceptions in highly technical fields.) But office jobs in Canada place more emphasis on merit and experience than education. In fact, you may be considered "overqualified" in most educational institutions in the eyes of the recruiter. Recruiters take 6-7 seconds to scan a resume. Don't make your education the focus of your resume.

Focus on experience and quantified achievements relevant to the job description. Study all of these strategies in our Magic Resume Template e-book sold as part of the Game Changer Package e-book.

This is a small sample of many other cultural differences that lead to the national dilemma of the Canadian Experience. It has nothing to do with your technical ability to get the job done, but rather your understanding of Canadian work culture. We at with our technical team have made great efforts to help you succeed in this endeavor through our game.

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She previously said: "I started to network by sending out follow-up requests. However, most recruiters accepted my application and when I told them about my application, they told me that if my CV matched, someone would call me. Guess nobody does." That's exactly what most people think of as networking.

It isn't! However, the Game Changer eBook teaches me the true meaning of networking, that is, building strategic win-win relationships. I also understand that building requires work. Habit. As a full-time job seeker, this is the most important activity of your day.

Did you want to win your dream job? Which strategy do you use? This is the best time to engage with the professionals who have the power and authority to hire you. Your future boss (1 to 3 levels higher).

They are the ones who decide to give you the job. Not the recruiters. They are only part of the moderation process. You must learn to write and apply for the job directly, without third parties who tend to disappoint you and delay your dreams.Buy the Game Changer Package e-book again for $10.99 on Buy e-Book Here(Click Me)

As a job seeker, you may be wondering, "Why should I waste my time helping others when I'm the one who needs help?" But deep down, I know you think the above is reasonable. Know that most people don't, and if you want to beat your competition, this is the way to go. Likewise, ; You just have to be good at what you do and have a positive attitude.The person who complains can get a job but never  keep it.

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