Can it be easy to get a job in Canada?

Can it be easy to get a job in Canada?
Published in : 02 Sep 2022

Can it be easy to get a job in Canada?

Canada is one of the 20 founders of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Hence, any type of skill or profession can be found in Canada. Your chance of getting a job depends on many reasons.

If you practice a regulated profession, you MUST be:

• Nurse

• Accountant

• Pharmacist

• Engineer

• Lawyer

• Plumbers

• Electricians

Your chances depend on you finding the right path and strategy. Your dream of travelling to Canada can be achieved today by getting the game changer e-Book Plan Package now at a discount of $10.99 to BUY THE STRATEGY EBOOK PACKAGE HERE

The Game Changer e-Book will teach you how to follow these three steps.

Whether you are a new immigrant or a fresh graduate living in Canada, and a foreigner looking forward to travel to Canada, the level of difficulty you face will depend on:

1. With our five (5) secret portal outline and magic resume template e-book, will teach you to take control of your online job application by making sure your resume is seen directly to employers, instead of relying on agents and consultants who intend to take all your money and delays you.

2. We will guide you through the Game Changer Plan Package to understand Canadian work culture and what employers are expecting in your resume/cover letters to get your dream job in Canadian and so there is no way you can not succeed in your endeavors.

3. The Game Changer e-book will teach you how to search the millions of jobs on our 5 secret job portals and with our additional video tutorial everything will be easy and awesome.

Applying for a job online doesn't mean browsing Netflix and Amazon for movies or games. You can't click the Submit button and get guaranteed results. It's a human process. Therefore, you need to go with an expert who understands the process very well, which is why Game Changer Plan Package Expert did it. Amazing e-books to accompany you anytime, anywhere in your application process.

In the Game Changer Plan e-books, we show you how to stay ahead of the competition and catch the attention of decision makers or employers. Don't stay alone, but fulfill your dream of traveling this year. , NOT AN AGENT OR CONSULTANT, BUT BE SELF-AGENT YOURSELF.


Here is a brief synopsis of how Regina goes about her work in Canada. They taught me how to personalize my resume, I researched the company and the recruiter; I contacted the recruiter through the 5 secret job portals detailed in the Game Changer plan pack e-books.

Regina responded and explained that she was NOT the recruiter for the position. The company made a mistake, so they gave me the contact of the real recruiter. She emailed him and said I had contacted her. The new recruiter called and spoke to me, and we had a great conversation. He arranged the interview and I got the job.

A year later, he met the recruiter again at a training course in Canada. He remembered her and she asked, "How come you called me? He replied: "Yes, I did, but to be honest I only called you because the first recruiter who was wrongly listed on the application emailed me directly saying you are interested in the job position. I proceeded in a similar way with my other two job offers.

I emailed straight away, picked up the phone and called, and even mailed my resume. Furthermore, I have customized my resume based on the job description for each application. This was possible because I learned this strategy after purchasing the Game Changer Plan pack. E-Books only $10.99, and I have never regretted spending my penny buying this e-book package.

No! I only applied for a total of 14 positions. Well, I'm not saying that everyone will get the same results as me. But I definitely know if you follow the trainings in the Game Changer Plan Package like other buyers have done. You will also get the final results like I did. I lost hope, but they gave me hope again!

My point is to emphasize the difference between an active and a passive job search strategy. Most people take the passive route: endlessly hacking their resume into online job boards (it's called "spray and pray"). To make matters worse, they upload generic resumes.

Please note that your CV cannot be seen by human eyes. It is scanned by a machine, software called "Application Tracking Systems".

That means you're not going anywhere if your resume isn't personalized with the job description.* (After purchasing these magical e-books, I learned all of this and better ethics in writing Canadian resumes and cover letters.)

Go active before, know that applying online is just a formality, the real work starts AFTER your application, act now, buy these magical e-books and make my travel dreams come true.

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